Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Haunted House

I open my eyes and I saw a haunted house.I need something in the haunted house.I saw traps on the mat .I went up  the stair and then the  stair broken into half I went up and get the book of spells but I need a wand.I went to the top of the house get the wand the man came to the haunted house I put book of spell and the wand in the bag but I need something I went down stair and get  the phone and put it in the bag went down fast but I saw the man down stair so I get out of window on grave.It said on the grave bill get kill by a man so I ran down into the cave and reads the spell and I get wand in bag but  the was wand broken was in the bag so I when back to haunted house but I have  to get in windon or the man come and kill me.I walk up the half stair walk back up the top of the haunted house but I saw a key to the plane and a book  then I read the book it said the plane is in the cave very down in. I ran to the the cave and get  plane and fly back to home.

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