Friday, 31 March 2017

seal lions


Mr Moran class went to the whare fono yesterday in the morning.We make our plane . Then we want to see who is the far plane.We got in row of  boy and row of girl.The boy fly their plane I was the last one to fly  the plane and I got in the selime finle .When the girl  turn was done and I went to fly my plane I came  3th and I was in the finln 3 boy aging  2 girl .I fly my plane high and it hit the roof  and a came back to me  and I 4th then I got 1 egg then we went back to class.                                                                                                                                                          

zoo babies

Friday, 24 March 2017

relay race

We went outside after waiata mihi and karakia. Mr Moran writing class went to the obstacle course.We went to have a relay race outside. Mr Moran was tell us what to do with the obstacle.We get the pole and go around it of 4 time then jump over the hurdles then do skipping with the hula hoop then go around the cone and run back of the line and put our hand on our head.

I was waiting in line then it was my turn and I was playing against Mr Moran.I went around the pole 4 time and it made me dizzy then I jump over the hurdles and I nearly  fall. I skip with the hula hoop then around the cone and run back .                                                                                                                            

Friday, 17 March 2017

roller coaster ride

I walk up to the roller coaster and I saw loops and It look big like the sky tower.I feel like It going to fall down .It took half hour to get to the ride.When I got in the roller coaster  pull the seat belt lock it then it start.It start  dark  and light buzz water was full then I saw exit door  but we turn the room was was full with water   someone was calling superman and it stop  then someone said “it superman “boom of and went up then it went slowly move down and it look like it going to go of the rails then it went down fast and the air was pull me back then it loops slow everyone scream loud  and slow went up then I saw  all of the ride then it went down then up then back to the start.

Friday, 10 March 2017

beach mission

It was a fine day on the beach.It was sunny and hot.The beach have no rubbish at all.

I saw something it was a ship on fire so got something to hold the water.I got some long woods and some ropes so I made a boat and I row to the ship and made to the top of the ship when inside put the fire out in room . I saw the life jack room and I took all the life jack to the top of ship .I have to stop engine or ship fall apart into the deep blue sea.So I went  to the engine but there was fire then the ship was go down into the sea then I saw 186 of them is dead and 112 of them is at the beach and I’m still get up to the beach  when I got up to my boat I row back to the beach and play with the sand.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Haunted House

I open my eyes and I saw a haunted house.I need something in the haunted house.I saw traps on the mat .I went up  the stair and then the  stair broken into half I went up and get the book of spells but I need a wand.I went to the top of the house get the wand the man came to the haunted house I put book of spell and the wand in the bag but I need something I went down stair and get  the phone and put it in the bag went down fast but I saw the man down stair so I get out of window on grave.It said on the grave bill get kill by a man so I ran down into the cave and reads the spell and I get wand in bag but  the was wand broken was in the bag so I when back to haunted house but I have  to get in windon or the man come and kill me.I walk up the half stair walk back up the top of the haunted house but I saw a key to the plane and a book  then I read the book it said the plane is in the cave very down in. I ran to the the cave and get  plane and fly back to home.