Friday, 12 May 2017

maori village

I when to a village then I walk up to a man he look poor and his t shirt was rip and his pant was rip to he  has a baby in his hand he said to me to get the kai so i went into  backyard get so foods I smell pipi geting cook when the pipi was cook i open one in the pipi was a some sort of fish.
I went to a house they were help to a wall then I ask ‘them why are you making’ then they said ‘we are making a wall so no enemy come in’.I went out of the house I hear  something then I look I saw a ship.                   

It was hunt time so we got a sword but I didn't come because I didn’t know how to hunt then I cut down tree then I got some rope and mabe boat row off the beach .and went fishing.

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